• Date: August 15 - 16, 2009
  • Venue: International Conference Hall,
    Institute of Applied Mechanics,
    National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Registration fee: Free
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COSCUP (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters) has marched into the 4th year. It has become an annual festival for open source community members around Taiwan, and grown year by year with the help of communities.

With regard to open source software, no matter if you are a developer, an enthusiastic promoter, a savvy user, or a newbie, and it doesn’t matter if your encounter with open source software is a necessity of your job, a hobby of yours, or anything else, you are welcome to the conference for open source coders, users, and promoters!

There are 4 themes in this year’s COSCUP:

Android and embedded systems
Android is the smart phone sensation all around the world last year. In Taiwan, besides the manufacturer of the first-ever Android phone - HTC - is a Taiwanese company, the highly recommended Android application aTrackDog was also created by Taiwanese developers. We’ll have many Android related talks this year. On the other hand, embedded system is much broader than just mobile phones: traces of open source software can be found in NAT, Karaoke, DVR, digital photoframes, and many other devices. COSCUP will invite developers to talk about technologies in the embedded space.
Cloud computing and web technologies
We have seen drastic changes in web technologies in recent years. Many web users don’t have to stay in front of their computers to go online and use web applications like e-mail, social network, search, maps, etc. We’ll invite developers to talk about the latest progress on cloud computing, Ajax technology, web frameworks, and so on.
Developer tools
Powerful and easy to use developer tools is a key to success of a large scale or distributed project. We’ll address famous open source software on source code management, IDE, build tools, issue trackers, and so on.
User desktop
The explosive growth of netbooks brought open source software to the hands of millions of users. However, many users don’t know where to find the software that can help him accomplish his tasks faster and better. We’ll invite speakers to talk about best practices on software in daily life: browsers, officeware, system administration, and so on.