Open source software is supported by 3 pillars: coders, users and promoters. This conference is for all 3 kinds of people. You may be a coder for software A, a promoter for software B, and a user for software C. No matter you are a newbie user, a passionate promoter or a mature developer or anywhere in between, you are welcome in COSCUP - Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters!

COSCUP is organized by major open source communities in Taiwan. The major goal is to create a friendly and informative environment for people in different communities to make friends, learn new technologies and inspire each other in the conference.

COSCUP 2009 is the 4th incarnation of the series. COSCUP has becomes the biggest annual open source community party in Taiwan over the years. We want to bring communities together and hopefully trigger new and exciting projects in the conference.