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GNOME Generic

  • Bugzilla, Bug squad and GNOME 3

    Akhil Laddha

    Abstract: This year the GNOME Bug Squad has decided to channelize all its efforts into handling GNOME Bugzilla better for the milestone GNOME 3 release, to motivate a lot more volunteers to get involved by making them aware of the simple processes involved.

    We at the Bug Squad, make it easy and beautiful for users and
    developers. This presentation will shed light on Bugzilla statistics
    about incoming bugs, work flow of the Bug Squad and also on how to make it easy for beginners to jump start with triaging by helping them
    * What does bug triaging mean and what is the bug life cycle.
    * How a beginner could jump in bug triaging
    * What are things which he should watch out for

    The session would wrap up with a discussion on the following issues with the interested community.
    * How to attract more people for triaging
    * What are best practices we can follow and improve bug squad
    * How we can improve bug reporting process

    Bio: Akhil has been working on GNOME for more than three years. His major contribution includes testing of evolution and GNOME wide bug triaging. Last year he topped the bug closer list. He was the top bug reporter for Q4 in last year. Last to last year, he was at 4th position in bug closer list. He is an active member of bug squad.

  • Hybrid Desktop/Web applications with WebKitGTK+

    Xan López

    Abstract: Do you want to write native looking GNOME applications while at the
    same time using all the compelling recent additions to the web arsenal
    like HTML5 or CSS3? In this talk we’ll use WebkitGTK+’s
    well-integrated GObject DOM bindings to get direct access to the
    well-known DOM APIs for building truly integrated hybrid GNOME

    Bio:Xan López is a Free Software developer working in Igalia. He’s a GNOME contributor, maintaining the Epiphany web browser, and a WebKit reviewer, where he spends most of his time improving and extending the GTK+ port of the engine.

  • Javascript in Linux Desktop

    Yuren Ju

    Abstract: 自從網頁應用程式如 gmail, facebook platform 逐漸在電腦中佔有重要地位後,Javascript 這門歷史悠久的程式語言也重新獲得重視,在 Ajax 的應用下嶄露頭角。雖然眾人對於 Javascript 的焦點至今都放在網際網路的應用,事實上它在桌面程式的應用卻也悄悄的蔓延開來。Javascript in Linux Desktop 分別從 Javascript Engine, Desktop runtime 與 Desktop Application 來分享介紹 Javascript 在桌面環境的應用與發展,並展示數個以 Javascript 撰寫的桌面應用程式作為Javascript in Desktop的火力展示!

    Bio: Yuren Ju, 現實生活中叫作小朱,對開放源碼軟體社群的參與跟撰寫軟體充滿興趣。從南到北的生活分別參加了KaLUG與Hacking Thursday的社群活動。在與開放源碼社群的朋友相處時感到很歡樂。

  • GNOME Accessibility Development and Testing

    苗涛 (Tim Maio) & 王珂 (Ke Wang)

    Abstract: The talk will introduce GNOME accessibility development and GNOME accessibility testing. Topic covers from GNOME accessibility infrastructure to implementation, GNOME assistive technology tools, GNOME accessibility testing and automation testing.

    Bio: Ke Wang, working in Sun China Engineering and Research Institute on GNOME Accessibility development. Be the author and maintainer of Java ATK Wrapper(an ATK implementation to help in Java accessibility), and have helped in many accessibility related bug fixing. Have also been actively involved in many other GNOME development.
    Tim Miao, working in Sun China Engineering and Research Institute on GNOME Accessibility testing for more than 4 years, leads accessibility testing for OpenSolaris/Solaris Next desktop products, also be responsible for 508 Assessment related works in Sun/Oracle desktop team. Attended the first GNOME Asia Summit.

  • GNOME in Asia

    Emily Chen 陳陽

    Abstract: GNOME.Asia Summit is the yearly GNOME Users and Developers Asian Conference. The event focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop, and also covers applications and the development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a forum for users, developers, foundation leaders, governments and businesses to discuss both the present technology and future developments.
    GNOME.Asia Summit was held in Beijing, China during 2008 and in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam during 2009. We would like to continue finding new national locations as we spread GNOME throughout Asia.The work for GNOME.Asia 2010 is starting already. A good potential spot is Taiwan, where there is interest and where the summit could be co-hosted with local events.
    GNOME.Asia is much like a few trees just planted and we want to grow a forest in Asia.
    We would like present below point:1. GNOME.Asia Summit plan and road. GNOME in Beijing — Beijing GNOME Users Group3. How to better grow GNOME community in your city

    Bio: Emily Chen is a software engineer working on OpenSolaris desktop. Now
    she is responsible for the quality of the Mozilla products like Firefox
    and Thunderbird on OpenSolaris. She is passionate about open source.
    She is core contributor of OpenSolaris community in 2009. She worked on
    Google Summer of Code program as a mentor in 2006 and 2007. She
    organized the first ever GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 in Beijing and found the
    Beijing GNOME Users Group. She graduated from Beijing Institute of
    Technology with a masters degree in computer science. In her spare time,
    she likes snowboarding, hiking and swimming.

  • SFD 2010: Why and Where?

    Frederic Muller

    Software Freedom Day (SFD), going into it’s 6th iteration, is a grassroots celebration and encouragement to use Free and Open Source Software. Why should we care, and what can we do? Frederic Muller, President of Software Freedom International, the non-profit organization behind SFD will try to cover those two crucial aspect of SFD and answer any other question you may have.

    Frederic Muller is the President of Software Freedom International. He is also the founding member and former President of the Beijing LUG, member of China Open Source Promotion Union, co-organizer of many international OSS events in China such as Linux Developer Symposium (2008), the Gnome.Asia Summit, OOoCon 2008, local SFDs and blogger on ZDNet Asia about Linux in China, Fred is now focusing on FOSS in Education. The rest of the time he is assisted in his tasks at SFI with all the board members and of course the happy members of the now famous BLUG!

  • Hosting GNOME.Asia is Fun!

    Pockey Lam

    Involved in GNOME.Asia Summit since its first inception in 2008 in
    Beijing, Pockey will share her experiences of hosting the event, talk
    about what has happened after each event in different countries and why
    you should consider participating in the 2011 chapter!

    Pockey has been very active in promoting FOSS. She is a board member of GNOME.Asia, Software Freedom International, SFDChina.org, China OSS Promotion Union and a founding member of the Beijing GNOME User Group that was established not long after the GNOME.Asia Summit 2008. She was also the President of Beijing Linux User Group and has been actively contributing to a lot of international Free and Open Source events.

  • Understanding Internals of WebKit/GTK+

    Holger Freyther

    Abstract: The WebKit project is building a Web Content Engine that is used in Safari, Chrome and various other browsers and has a rather large and active contributor base. Like any project of that size it can be tough to get started. The talk attempts to show that getting started in one area is quite easy and is providing hints on how to get started.

    Bio: My name is Holger Hans Peter Freyther and I have been hacking on Free and OpenSource Software for the last decade and since about 2006 I am involved with the WebKit project.

  • Building and Using a Memory Profiler

    Holger Hans Peter Freyther

    Abstract: This talks explains and demonstrates how the GNOME Memory Profiler (memprof) is working and how and where it is gathering its data and what other things could be used.

    Bio: My name is Holger Hans Peter Freyther and I have adopted the GNOME Memory Profiler to use it on WebKit.

  • GNOME Build Environment on Solaris

    Dave Lin 林建華

    Abstract: The talk is about GNOME build environment on Solaris, so-called Common Build Environment(CBE). The main component of CBE is pkgbuild(//pkgbuild.sourceforge.net), which is a rpmbuild-like tool for building Solaris packages. The talk will also give the introductions of how we deliver over 300 packages(GNOME modules as well as GNOME-based apps) on Solaris.

    Bio: I’m the release engineer in Desktop team, Oracle/Sun. I’m responsible to drive the build process to ensure each Desktop module is built/delivered on schedule; support QA and development goals; and assist in adherence to a good software process(nightly builds, automation testing). I also manage a lab, which has the capacity of 100 workstation/servers and provides services, such as auto-install/nfs/web/cvs/sunray, to over 30 users.

  • eekboard

    Daiki Ueno

    Abstract: eekboard is a virtual keyboard software package (aka on-screen keyboard, 『vkbd』 hereafter), which ships with a standalone virtual keyboard application (eekboard), and a library to create keyboard-like UI (libeek). While there are a number of alternative vkbd’s for GNU/Linux desktop,
    our main goal is not to create a single ultimate vkbd application, but
    to provide a library to support diverse implementations of keyboard-like user interfaces. With the eekboard library (libeek), a developer is free to combine different UI toolkits (GTK+, Clutter, …) with different keyboard layouting mechanisms (XKB, libxklavier, …), without any knowledge of underlying implementation details. In this talk we will present a brief overview of how the library is organized and how to implement custom keyboard UI and embed it into your application.
    eekboard homepage: //ueno.github.com/eekboard/

    Bio: Daiki Ueno (Given Family) has been involved in free software development for a dozen years. His recent contributions are: Japanese SKK input-method for IBus (2009), a session resuming extension for GNUTLS (2009), ssh-agent support for libssh2 (2009), and GNUPG interface for Emacs (2006). In April 2010 he joined the Red Hat i18n team.

  • 以中文的名义,融入开源世界 (Participating Opensource world, in the name of Chinese)

    Funda Wang 王鵬

    a) 字体 Fonts
    b) 输入法 Inpput method platforms
    c) 翻译工程 Translation projects
    d) 编程项目 Coding projects

    Bio:Funda Wang 是简体中文本地化的协调人,领导着 GNOME、KDE 等诸多翻译项目。同时,他致力于在不同的国际化项目中改进中文化支持,包括输入法、字体,以及有关中文的bug修复和提交。他以一个专业的国际化人士的身份,活跃于整个 Linux 社区。

  • 由馬鈴薯小子看軟體在地化


    Abstract: ktuberling(potato guy)為一套OpenSource的幼教語言學習軟體,本身即具有多國語言架構且客製化容易等優點,為學習語言的利器。不過該軟體目前的劇本僅有極少數的劇本,也就是參與客製化與在地化的人並不多。希望藉由分享如何在地化馬鈴薯小子與延伸製作,推廣自由軟體"站在巨人的肩膀上,觀望更遼闊的世界"的價值。

    Bio: 台灣大學資訊工程學系大學一年級學生,2009年10月開始參與自由軟體推廣活動。目前跟著台灣教育部自由軟體諮詢中心,為開發"給初學者用的自由作業系統-Ezgo"的一份子。

  • 簡介GNOME輔助科技與建議改進事項


    Abstract: 簡述GNOME對身障者的重要性,探討使用目的與期望。簡介身障者所需要使用的輔助功能,與如何協助他們擴大或替代他們原有的功能。最後論及GNOME輔助科技建議事項,提出幾點輔助功能需要改進的地方,建議請身障者做測試,以期日後版本的輔助科技功能可更完善。

    Bio: 葉志偉,北斗國小資源班教師兼任特教組長,台灣第一本國小Linux課本「Ubuntu自由學電腦」作者,深信Linux資訊教育適用於國民教育階段的國中小。專門研究作業系統的輔助科技,希望能將特殊教育與自由軟體結合,帶給身障者更多的支持與服務。

  • Debian Policy – 5.6.12 Version


    Abstract: 解釋一般的軟體版號跟 Debian 套件版號之間的關係,還有在 Ubuntu 上的套件版號跟上游的 Debian 套件版號又有什麼關係,如果自己在打包 Debian 套件應該要使用怎麼樣的版號會比較好。

    Bio: 自由軟體與開放原始碼軟體的實習生,取之於社群,回饋於社群。

  • Introducing GStreamer, the Media Framework on GNU/Linux.


    Abstract: 簡單介紹一下 GStreamer 這個多媒體框架,並且示範一些範例程式。

    Bio: 四元

  • xPad – Building Simple Tablet OS with Gtk/WebKit

    Ping-Hsun Chen 陳品勳 penk

    Abstract: Web is becoming the new graphic library, based on the success of xPUD project, we make it further by adding following components: 1) WebKit-based browser with finger scrolling and dobule-tap zooming function, 2) A BPMF-friendly virtual keyboard integrated with SCIM input method and 3) Touch-enhanced user interface based on xPUD’s plate framework. By using simple software stack, we’re pretty confident that xPad could be an alternative of MeeGo or Android as a lightweight and easily customizable tablet OS.

    Bio: Ping-Hsun Chen (penk) is a web and FOSS developer, project leader of xPUD, enjoying in old-school rock ‘n’ roll, Sci-Fi novels and volleyball, participating open source related activities, writing in free software, translating documents and books, loves NightWish, Vonnegut and Perl.

Free-Culture Communities

  • How to Become a Debian Developer

    劉穎駿 PaulLiu

    Abstract: Debian New Maintainer Process 的中文簡介
    希望能增加台灣 DD 數量. 同時 DD 越多也越能幫助 Debian community

    Bio: * Debian Developer (2009~).

  • Ubuntu Kernel Factory

    Ike Panhc

    Abstract: 分享 Ubuntu Kernel 在開發流程中,怎麼去挑選下一個版本,檢討上一個版本,實際包裝核心套件,測試及回題回報,和貢獻回上游,並在維護期內持續維護其安全性的細節和實際作法。
    Share the experience of how to packaging Ubuntu kernel, including pick up a version, review delta and config file, testing and report, push back to upstream, and maintain the released kernel.

    Bio: Ike Panhc, works in Hardware Enablement Team at Canonical. Canonical is the number-one provider of Ubuntu services.

  • The Culture of Sharing

    Sascha Pallenberg

    Abstract: I would like to explain why the culture of sharing is the most powerful movement on the internet. Why open source and creative commons is not only changing the way we exchange information but also what impact it has on the industry. How can we even monetize free information and what are the key elements of managing a successful community which is based on free content

    Bio: Sascha Pallenberg has been a leading proponent of the small form factor and mobile computing market for several years. With the rise of the netbooks he started his first mobile computing blog Eeepcnews.de back in December 2007, while he was still living in the US. After just 2 months he quit his job at his US startup and relocated to Taipei/Taiwan to cover the recent netbook news directly from its’ source. Netbooknews.de became a leading source for all the netbook related news, even though he is still blogging in German. Together with Nicole Scott he founded Netbooknews.com in June 2009 to publish daily mobile computing videos. In just 6 months it became the most viewed reporter channel on Youtube for Taiwan and one of the global Top 100 reporter channels.

Open Source & Digital Art

  • Processing – 專為設計師、建築師、藝術家設計的簡易又強大的數位藝術工具!


    Abstract: Processing是以Java為基礎的數位藝術工具,專為設計師、建築師及藝術家而設計的。Processing將Java的語法簡化並提供直覺式地聯想,即使沒有程式背景,仍能很容易地學習並上手。演講中將介紹Processing的寫法及外掛,也會介紹本人利用Processing做的數位藝術作品,及國外著名的Processing作品。

    Bio: 1980年生,新生代數位藝術家。

  • 自由軟體於互動技術


    Abstract: 面對著層出不窮的互動科技新浪潮,無論藝術、設計抑或工程領域都紛紛跨來靠攏,而FLOSS將為不同領域的人才降低了跨領域的門檻,大家都能透過經驗分享融入自己原本不擅長的領域,也能透過合作與討論將各個領域的專長合而為一,蹦出新的火花!
    1. 何謂自由軟體於互動技術
    2. 自由軟體於互動技術之創作與研究經驗分享
    3. 國際最新互動技術與資訊分享(ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 Emerging Technologies)

    Bio: 甘泰瑋目前就讀於元智大學資訊傳播學系碩士班互動科技組。其研究興趣廣泛,主要致力於擴增實境(AR)、互動界面與情境感知(Context-awareness)相關議題之研究。擴增實境研究成果曾於數個虛擬實境相關國際研討會中獲得認同,部分研究成果更獲今年ACM SIGGRAPH評審青睞,暑假將赴洛杉磯以Poster形式發表。在互動裝置創作方面,今年(2010)有兩樣作品於ACM SIGGRAPH SPACETIME互動競賽中獲入圍,並將在洛杉磯展出。而過去的創作也曾被404國際電子藝術節與國內創作競賽中被認同,情境感知運算相關創作方面則於ISEA國際電子藝術研討會與國內研討會中獲得認同。
    在研究與創作的過程中,常常會運用到FLOSS開放原始碼軟體,如Pure Data, Processing, ARToolKit, Arduino等。因此在研究所就讀期間,累積了不少使用經驗與心得可與同好分享,目前已有部分心得與教學於個人部落格中與網友分享。




  • 我是 Programmer 我也想當 Musician

    張正一 魔法設計師

    Abstract: 1.以Ubuntu Studio為例,介紹現在GNU/Linux上的開源音樂創作環境的概觀

    Bio: 自由軟體工作者-libdgg動態組字引擎開發、MonkeyGTK中譯版等

  • Elements of Typographic Freedom

    Christopher Adams

    Abstract: This talk aims to give an inspiring overview of excellence in the typographic arts, with a special emphasis on fonts and world-class book design using free software. Special emphasis is on the best of open source font stacks and book design with the TeX typesetting engine.

    Bio: Christopher Adams is a publishing professional and free culture advocate. Freesouls: captured and released by Joi Ito was his first Creative Commons-licensed publishing project. Christopher is a founding member of Sharism.org, and a member of the Creative Commons Network.

FLOSS Business, legally

  • 林誠夏

    Abstract: 以自由軟體授權元件來加速產品開發已漸成時代趨勢,但隨著大型商業利用活動的進展,許多自由軟體授權運用的重要概念仍未完全普及與被正確的認識,以至後續衍生出許多授權方面的爭議問題,此講場將依下列要項進行說明,讓參與者能夠透過此講場,更深刻的掌握 COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010 各法律議程的重要內容:

    Bio: 林誠夏 (Lucien Lin) ,網路暱稱為 『Lucien』 或 『lucien.cc』,知識背景是科技法律,但是也喜歡了解任何新奇有趣的東西。於2005年開始專職研究自由軟體授權條款,專長在於自由軟體授權條款的解說分析,以及自由軟體商業運用模式的觀察記錄。目前任職於中央研究院自由軟體鑄造場,兼任專案經理與法政研究,同時亦負責自由軟體鑄造場電子報的編輯工作。更多的活動參與及工作記錄請參閱OSSF Who’s Who的個人資料表://whoswho.openfoundry.org/people/userprofile/lucien.html。

  • GNU GPL Compliance in Embedded Devices

    Harald Welte

    Abstract: GNU/Linux is a the most popular choice of an Operating System in many areas
    of Embedded computing. It can be found in embedded networking equipment,
    personal navigation systems, media players, mobile phones to print servers,
    NAS, in-flight entertainment systems and even bicycle ergometers.
    Using the Linux kernel and other GPL licensed software is a convenient and
    especially inexpensive choice. However, it is still copyrighted software
    subject to a license: The GNU General Public License.
    The presentation will look at typical GPL violations in the embedded market
    and how they could have easily been avoided by little extra effort in
    product development.

    Bio: Harald Welte is a Free Software developer involved with many projects from the Linux Kernel to Openmoko as well as various GSM and RFID related projects. In 2004 he has started the gpl-violations.org project which has enforced more than 150 cases of GPL license infringements till today.

  • Ensuring Freedom of Action in Free Software Through Collaboration & Partnership

    Shane Coughlan

    Abstract: Free Software allows great freedom of action and potential for collaboration. It creates real value, with research by IDC suggesting that Free Software will power a 49 billion USD economy by 2011. The question is how to maintain and grow Free Software’s value without compromising freedom. This speech will explore Open Invention Network’s contribution, and explain its mission to promote and protect innovation through support around patent issues and defensive publications.

    Bio: Shane Coughlan is an expert in communication methods and business development. He is best known for building bridges between commercial and non-commercial stakeholders in the technology sector. His professional accomplishments include establishing a legal department for the main NGO promoting Free Software in Europe, building a professional network of over 200 legal counsel and technical experts across 27 countries, and aligning corporate and community interests to launch the first law review dedicated to Free/Open Source Software.
    Shane has extensive knowledge of Internet technologies, management best practice, community building and Free/Open Source Software. His experience includes engagement with the server, desktop, embedded and mobile telecommunication industries. He does business in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and maintains a broad network of contacts.

  • Implementation of a FOSS License Compliance Program

    Sören Rabenstein

    An overview on motivations, tools and challenges to implement FOSS license compliance in hardware manufacturing environments. The presentation will focus on the practical steps that need to be taken within a company to implement legal compliance and the need for cooperation throughout the supply chains.

    - Second German State Exam in Law (bar admission, eligibility as judge), Berlin, focus: International Private Law
    - Master of Laws, University of Cape Town, research focus: Information Technology Law, International Trade Law
    - First German State Exam in Law, FU and HU Berlin, study focus: Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law

    Work Experience
    - Corporate Counsel Legal Compliance (European Law and Free Open Source Licenses) at ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Taiwan
    - Interim Manager of Operations at Behringer Holdings Pte. Limited, Singapore
    - Project Counsel e-commerce at Payment Processing Corporation, Philippines
    - Barrister pupillage at Berlin High Court, Germany
    - Lecturer on Media Convergence topics at Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, South Africa

User Experience in FLOSS

  • Adapting UCD for Open Source Software Development

    翁千婷 whiteg

    Abstract: 我想嘗試用使用者為本的設計方法(user-centered design, UCD)來協助處理開源/自由軟體在開發上可能遇到的問題。以 Mozilla Taiwan 進行中的「抓火狐 (gfx.tw)」網站為對象,透過訪談來瞭解開發者目前面臨的非技術性問題,希望能用UCD的方法來為這些問題提供解答。內容比較會是進行中的專案報告,提出階段性的發現與心得。

    Bio: Currently a research assistant in IIS, Sinica. Interested in human-computer interaction and F/OSS.

  • Android UI Design Pattern

    Tony Chan

    Abstract: In this talk, the speaker will show the types of patterns developers
    can use to build a great Android application. He’ll share UI best
    practices and things developers should avoid.

    Bio: Tony Chan joined Google in 2007 as a developer program engineer.
    Since then, he helped developers with various Google products/APIs
    like Google Checkout, Apps and Android. Currently, Tony is a
    developer advocate for Android. Prior joining Google, Tony was a
    senior application developer at the University of Michigan and a
    management consultant at PricewaterhouseCooper. He received his M.B.A
    and M.S.E. degrees from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

  • Exploring New Paradigms of Computing for GNOME

    Allan Patrick D. Caeg

    Abstract: User Experience is of primary importance to GNOME, like to other software projects. The demand for well-designed software is exponentially growing, which is magnified by issues like the increasing number of computing distractions and the need to focus on and speed up productive work. To address this, GNOME 3 is redefining the User Experience of the GNOME desktop with GNOME Shell. On the other hand, other pieces of software also created new paradigms of computing for improved User Experience. Software makers like Apple and Microsoft are revolutionizing computing through operating systems like iOS and Windows Phone 7. Paradigms like application- and context-centrism were introduced. Though those operating systems are initially built for smartphones, it is suggested that those new computing paradigms should move to people’s primary computers. With new ideas and inspirations, GNOME Shell can be shaped to create an even more revolutionary paradigm of desktop computing.

    Bio: I am a User Experience professional who learned about this field by contributing to Open Source design. I contribute mostly to Ubuntu and GNOME. My FOSS advocacy includes my being a board member of the Philippine Open Source Network, being a Coordinator of Mozilla Philippines Community, and my enthusiasm for Android. I design for web, desktop, and mobile platforms. You can find more information about me here //live.gnome.org/AllanCaeg

FLOSS & Hardware

  • OsmocomBB: An Open Soruce GSM Baseband Firmware

    Harald Welte

    Abstract: Project OsmocomBB is the worlds first Free/Open Source Software project to implement a GSM protocol stack as well as hardware-related drivers for a GSM baseband processor.
    This presentation will introduce the software architecture, supported hardware and include a project demonstration.

    Bio: Harald Welte is a Free Software developer involved with many projects from the Linux Kernel to Openmoko as well as various GSM and RFID related projects. In 2004 he has started the gpl-violations.org project which has enforced more than 150 cases of GPL license infringements till today.

  • Linpus Lite MeeGo Edition: Enabling MeeGo to Production

    Tim Yang

    Abstract: The presentation will talk about Linpus’ enhancements on both MeeGo netbook and Slate editions and share how to bring MeeGo into production based on the previous experience from Linpus.

    Bio: Tim Yang got his B.E. from University of Science and Technologies of China and MSC from University of Western Ontario, Canada, both in Computer Science. He holds a position as product manager in Linpus Technologies Inc starting from Apr. 2009. In Linpus, he is in charge of the product design for Linpus Linux Lite series. Prior to join Linpus, he worked in HP for three years as a project manager.

  • Android-x86 Open Source Project

    黃志偉 cwhuang

    Abstract: Android-x86 是將 Google Android 作業系統移植至 x86 平台,特別是小筆電與小型可攜式裝置的開放源碼計劃。希望能讓 Android 在 x86 平台的開發有統一的窗口,以便整合各方力量,吸引更多 Android 的開發高手加入,發揮開放源碼的滾雪球效應。為 Android 在 x86 平台上的應用,提供完整的解決方案。採用 Apache License 2.0 授權。

    Bio: 講者參與開放源碼運動已有超過十年的時間。發起或主持過 CLE、CLDP、Android-x86 等計劃,並參與 GNU Gatekeeper、OpenH323、Asterisk、KDE、GNOME 等開發工作。

  • 打造特製的 Android Toolchain

    Jim Huang 黃敬群 jserv

    Abstract: 本議程探討 0xlab 近來的實驗,從修改 Android 的 GNU Toolchain 到提供 source-to-source compiler,提出若干基於特定需求,從而發展的編譯器技術的新應用

    Bio:0xlab developer
    blog (0xlab): //jserv.blogspot.com/
    blog: //blog.linux.org.tw/jserv/

  • Be 『Android』

    Tick Chen, Matt Hsu

    Abstract: 將0xdroid 打造成為機器人平台 Robocat 是為0xdroid所設計的機器人控制系統, 此議程將從硬體架構,系統設計, 函式庫及應用程式等不同層面切入, 介紹如何打造自己的 ”Android”

    Bio:講者簡介: 0xlab developer
    blog (Tick Chen): //linuxocarina.blogspot.com/
    blog (Matt Hsu): //matthsu-abacus.blogspot.com/

  • Have Fun on Andes Platform — Game Emulator an Overview

    劉昱賢 thomasysliu

    生活不忘娛樂,來點輕鬆的小遊戲增添一些歡樂吧!使用 Andes Core™ N1213的platform SoC 所建構的發展系統硬體主板,並搭配 3.5 吋 320×240 畫質Panel,展示了此平台開發掌上型遊戲機,遊戲軟體與 Andes Core 的完美結合。 趁著這次 COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 的機會跟大家分享一些在 Embedded Linux 上執行 Emulator 的使用心得。

    交通大學電子工程系學生,對嵌入式系統領域稍有涉獵。Thomas 之前於晶心科技,一間台灣 32 位元處理器的 IC 設計公司打工。在台灣心的開發平台,都靠 Game Emulator 騙吃騙喝。近年來由於工作與興趣關係研究 Game Emulator,熱於探索應用自由軟體的應用模式與機會。

  • A Safe and Stateless Platform – Introduction to Google Chrome OS Security Model

    林弘德 piaip

    Abstract: 隨著網路技術的普及,電腦病毒(virus)、間諜程式(spyware)及木馬(trojan) 已成為每位使用者擺脫不了的惡夢;盡管安裝了再多的掃毒與防護程式, 層出不窮的系統安全漏洞總是會讓人擔心自己的電腦是否已淪為被遠端操控的 眾多受害者之一。這場演講將介紹 Google Chrome OS 如何在不受舊有架構的限制下,重新設計一個從硬體開機時就環環相扣的安全認證系統。使用者將可輕易的確認自己的系統是否已被竄改,也有方便的機制可隨時還原至未經修改的版本,同時兼顧開發者與使用者對自己電腦的完整控制權。

    Bio: * current member of the Google Chrome OS team
    * skilled in reverse engineering and tamper resistance technology
    * participated in open source projects such as Mozilla, VIM, PuTTY, PTTBBS

  • Nokia Symbian 新一代作業系統演進:從 S60 5.0、Symbian^3 到 Symbian^4


    自 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic 開始採用新一代作業系統 Nokia S60 5.0 以來,提供了觸控操作與更為個人化的使用者介面,而今年即將問世的第一款Symbian^3 作業系統手機 Nokia N8 即將帶來什麼新的功能與設計,Nokia行動解決方案總裁 Anssi Vanjoki 日前於官方部落格中揭露 的Symbian^4 又會帶來怎樣嶄新的面貌?在這場分享中希望能帶給您更進一步的資訊。

    Nokia Product Manager

  • Android Game Engine 比較

    Julian Chu

    Abstract:隨著 Android的蓬勃發展,遊戲亦如雨後春筍般冒出。避免重複造輪子,勢必要藉助現有的遊戲引擎,讓遊戲開發者可以專注在遊戲的最核心價值 — 樂趣。

    Bio: 0xlab developer,
    blog: //walkingice.twbbs.org/blog

  • Porting a New Architecture to OpenWrt Project

    林智斌 Macpaul

    我們曾經在歷屆的開源研討會,談過如果台灣的網通產業,要提昇軟體附加價值,做一些實用又有去的產品,使用 OpenWrt 來製作軟體,也許是一個有效而且快速的方案。現今的 OpenWrt 已經非常成熟,但是我們將談談,如何從 IP 廠商,到 SoC 廠商,在實務上如何支援 OpenWrt。我們將分享如何移植一個新的計算機架構到 OpenWrt,也會展示用 OpenWrt 打造的 Thin Client桌面。


HTML 5 and the Frontend Web Technologies

  • 社文字D:轟趴開交物語 / Socialtext 4: A tale of Shindig and OpenSocial


    Abstract: 據維基百科記載:家居派對(Home party),俗稱轟趴,是舉辦在一個早已約定好的房子內的派對。這場派對叫 Shindig,這個約定叫 OpenSocial,這間房子叫 Socialtext。派對的成員來自四面八方,包括華納、藝電、通用汽車、DHL 快遞、英代爾、紅十字會、ICANN、Perl 基金會等六千多個組織。在派對裡,來賓們逐漸熟習開源社群常用的協作工具,用它們來跨越組織裡部門科層的藩籬,協力擺脫讓人忙到不可開交的資訊焦慮。這三十分鐘裡,我會介紹建立“企業人際層”所牽涉到的幾種技術協定,以及相關的各項開源專案。☺

    Bio: 唐鳳。真核域。動物界。脊索動物門。脊椎動物亞門。哺乳綱。靈長目。人科。人屬。智人。(啊,你也是?真巧!)
    ( 註:據維基百科描述,唐鳳是 Pugs 專案的發起人,領導 Haskell 和 Perl 社群協力開發 Perl 6 語言。唐鳳也致力於自由軟體的國際化工作,包括設計 Kwiki、RT 及 Slash 等系統的國際化架構,並發起多項開放源碼書籍的翻譯計劃。在 CPAN 上,唐鳳負責維護 100 餘項的 Perl 相關專案,包括 Perl Archive Toolkit (PAR) 這項跨平台封裝及建置工具,以及 CPAN 的自動測試及數位簽署系統等。)

  • nodejs 於互動式網站之應用

    畢瑄易 ericpi

    Abstract: nodejs是Ryan Dahl所開發的evented I/O框架, 使用V8引擎為基礎, 具有高效且簡易開發的特徵, 適合開發高負載網站後端.
    相對於過去大量使用threads的server程式, nodejs處理連線上的成本低廉, 同時Ryan Dahl在API設計上, 大量使用javascript的event與callback語言特性, 大幅降低開發難度, 也提供了良好的維護性.
    現今互動式web應用大量採用comet等技術, 網站後端連線也日趨複雜, nodejs於這些應用提供了良好的解決方案, 我們將對nodejs於互動網站應用做實務探討.

    Bio: 曾任北京天玩科技技術經理, 目前於願境網訊股份有限公司(KKBOX)的研發中心擔任資深工程師, 主要負責 KKBOX 後端系統平台相關的設計開發工作; 喜愛各種 Open Source 應用, 為 Gentoo、FreeBSD 愛好者.

  • Writing Web Applications in C++!?

    Eric Bidelman

    Abstract: Although browser JavaScript performance is rapidly improving, there are still applications for which native code is a better choice. Learn about Google’s Native Client technology and how you can use it to build rich applications with all of the advantages and power of the web.

    Bio: Eric is an engineer and developer advocate on Google’s Developer Relations team. Over the last two years he’s worked on various developers focused products, including Google Docs, Sites, Health, and OAuth. Recently, Eric joined the Chrome team to help spread HTML5 goodness around the globe. Prior to Google, Eric worked as a software engineer at the University of Michigan where he designed rich web applications and APIs for the university’s 19 libraries. Eric holds a B.S.E in Computer Engineering and a B.S.E in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

  • HTML5: Building the Next Generation Web Applications

    Eric Bidelman

    Abstract: This session covers topics like HTML5, CSS3, WebM, and Chrome’s Developer Tools. Learn how to design web applications that leverage these exciting APIs!

    Bio: Eric is an engineer and developer advocate on Google’s Developer Relations team. Over the last two years he’s worked on various developers focused products, including Google Docs, Sites, Health, and OAuth. Recently, Eric joined the Chrome team to help spread HTML5 goodness around the globe. Prior to Google, Eric worked as a software engineer at the University of Michigan where he designed rich web applications and APIs for the university’s 19 libraries. Eric holds a B.S.E in Computer Engineering and a B.S.E in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

  • HTML5 電子書閱讀器

    Koan-Sin Tan 陳官辰 freedom

    Abstract: 最近一年多來, Amaozn 的 Kindle 與其他同採 e Ink 電子書閱讀器以及 iPad 的問世帶來新一波電子書熱潮。在各式各樣的電子書規格中較有公開標準的是 IDPF 所定的 EPUB 格式。目前通用的 EPUB 版本基本上是使用的是 XML 和 XHTML 1.1。不過隨著 HTML5 的普及與人們想在電子書求新求變的想法,EPUB 也將開始導入一些 HTML5 的特性如 <video>, <audio>, <canvas>。目前網路尚可以找到一些用 JavaScript 做的 epub reader, 不過都是需要有 web server 來放 JavaScript 以及讀者要讀得電子書,這種做法有兩個大問題,第一是需要 always-connected 的網路還需要有一定頻寬, 第二是 web 或者說 HTML5 終究不是萬能, 有時也需要做 native application。基於這兩個原因,我們開始在 iPhone/Android 上用 UIWebView/WebView 加上 HTML5 以及 Objective-C/Java 做電子書閱讀器。在這個 talk 中, 我們將回顧 EPUB, 然後簡介用 XHTML5 在 iBooks.app 中可做的事, 接著會講用 UIWebView/WebView + HTML5 + native code 的經驗。

    Bio: Koan-Sin Tan is a veteran open source / unix user. He learnt to use simple Basic programs on Multitech MPF-II (宏碁 小教授二號) in early 1980s, then learnt to use and write code for Unix on a VAX-11/780 running 4.3BSD in late 1980s.

  • Frontend Development Enviornment

    蔣定宇 josephj

    Abstract: 1. Solid code Standards
    * Make it difficult to make mistakes – Engineer can only commit your code after standard checking tool.
    2. Modular development (Nicholas Zaka’s Idea)
    * YUI Implementation
    * JS/CSS Combiner & Minifier on the fly
    3. Make good uses of debugging proxy
    * Eliminate Code Difference w/ Production
    * Hijacking the page
    4. Static Files Deployment Tasks
    * Image optimization check/task
    * Only submit combined & minified JS & CSS
    5. JavaScript I18N/L10N using YUI Intl

    Bio: 蔣定宇,網路代號 josephj,對於新技術跟程式碼有著強烈的偏執狂:開發注重 Semantic、Maintenance、Accessibility、Usability。目前任職於 D-Link 友訊科技擔任專案副理,利用 YUI 3 OOP 的概念製作跨網站的服務。

  • Jetpack SDK: 瀏覽器擴充套件的新可能性

    尤孝庭 littlebtc

    Abstract: 在各家瀏覽器紛紛推出擴充瀏覽器的新 API 形式之時,Mozilla 也正研發 Jetpack SDK 作為新的擴充套件開發方案。驅動 Jetpack SDK 的「CommonJS」函式庫替套件中 JavaScript 的模組管理和擴充性帶來了新的可能、而在支援 XUL 的同時提供 HTML5 的支援也是 Jetpack SDK API 中的發展重點。本講希望將用最短的時間帶大家體會 Jetpack SDK 下,未來瀏覽器擴充開發的新可能性!

    Bio: 尤孝庭(笨笨的小B),Mozilla 官方指派之 Jetpack 大使。阿宅一枚。台灣大學電機工程學系學生、MozTW志工、長年專研 Web Programming 領域。

  • HTML5 for Programmers

    Mike Smith

    Abstract: This talk presents an overview of new programming features in HTML5 and some related draft standards for browser technologies. The talk is designed to be of high interest both to non-Javascript programmers — such as, for example, Python or Java programmers — who may not necessarily already familiar with Javascript-based Web programming, but also to programmers who *are* already Javascript-savvy but want to learn what’s new in HTML5 that they can use *now*, today. In that spirit, the talk will focus on HTML5 programming features that you can already use in current development versions of major browsers.

    Bio: Mike Smith is the HTML Activity/WG lead of W3C and also an active player of WHATWG, the group that started the HTML5. He now mediates between people who have issues around HTML5. He is also a main developer of validator.vu, an HTML5 validator which is now being integrated into the famous W3C validator.

  • 網頁設計師必備: CSS3 新功能大補帖



    謝子斌從事網路標準研究,現任挪威 Opera 軟件公司網路標準專(Web Evangelist),其工作包括了推廣 HTML5 和 CSS3 的發展。除了在台灣 PC ADV/電腦王雜誌有專欄文章發表之外,今年也會在北京 W3C Day 演講。 (//webrebuild.org/y/beijing/2 /)。他預測德國今年會贏得世界杯,如果沒有你可以在會場和他要一件 Opera t-shirt。Twitter:zibin

  • Sahana Taiwan Development

    胡崇偉 Marr

    Sahana 是一套開放原碼災難管理系統。2004年南亞海嘯災後,斯里蘭卡的資訊志工啟動災難管理系統開發,之後吸引全球開放軟體開發者陸續加入,佈建地區由南亞擴散到世界各地,並獲得包括 IBM、Google 等商業公司的支持。2009年7月 Sahana Software Foundation 在美國加州成立,專注於慈善、科學與教育的領域,致力 Sahana 系統的長期開發與運作。

    台灣則在八八風災期間,由中研院資訊科技創新研究中心蕭景燈博士、開拓文教基金會及國內熱心的資訊志工,架設 Sahana 系統,成立 Sahana Taiwan 工作小組,邀及台灣社群開發人員參與系統改進,陸續進行平台中文化及本土化工作,並獲得資訊工業策進會專支處提供經費支援社群開發,讓 Sahana 中文平台成為一個共同園地持續累積各界貢獻。

    Bio: Marr 是 Python 程式語言愛好者,在中央研究院資訊科學研究所擔任研究助理,參與 Open Source Software Foundry 的營運工作。同時也是軟體自由協會理監事。平常參與技術文件撰寫,任何關於 Python 的話題都有興趣外,也投注 Linux 系統整合、程式人員生產力的議題。

Backend Web Technologies

  • 快速佈署叢集式的搜尋引擎(CrawlZilla)

    郭文傑 Kuo Wen-Chieh (國網中心)

    Abstract: Nutch 是目前最知名也是最好的 opensource 搜尋引擎專案之一,想製作自己的客製化搜尋引擎? 用 Nutch 就對了!但是 Nutch 的設定繁瑣,因此我們之前試著開發 CrawlZilla 來幫助簡化安裝、設定以及操作的步驟。只要安裝 CrawlZilla 後就,再加上幾個指令,就可以輕鬆的產生出你自己的搜尋引擎囉! 目前正開始第二版本的 CrawlZilla v0.2 ,希望能開發出功能更強,選項更多,但操作更人性化的專案。

    Bio: nchc 自由軟體實驗室

  • Yahoo Traffic Server, a Powerful Cloud Gatekeeper

    Shih-Yong Wang

    Abstract: Yahoo Traffic Server (YTS for short) is used in-house at Yahoo to deliver significant amount of HTTP traffic. It enables session management, authentication, configuration management, load balancing, and routing for entire cloud computing software stacks. YTS was designed as a multi-threaded event-driven model, and scales very well on modern multi-core servers. It can be used to proxy and cache a variety of workloads, from single site acceleration to CDN deployment and very large ISP proxy caching. With a quad core 1.86GHz processor, YTS can do more than 35,000 requests per second for certain traffic patterns. YTS is serving more than 30 billion Web objects a day across the Yahoo! network, delivering more than 400 terabytes of data per day.
    YTS is a piece of software initially acquired by Yahoo! from Inktomi. We actively developed and used YTS in recent years. In Nov/2009, Yahoo donate the source to Apache Software Foundation.

    Bio: Software engineer, Yahoo! Taiwan

  • Building a Cloud Computing Platform by Using Open
    Source Software

    Michael Pan

    Abstract: There are seven major IaaS and PaaS technologies that must be configured together in the development and deployment of a SaaS such as GMail or Facebook. The seven are
    - virtual machines
    - dynamic provisioning
    - map reduce
    - data storage and distribution
    - workflow management
    - unified messaging
    - analytics
    this talk will introduce the audience to the available options in open source when it comes to choosing these technologies.

    Bio: Michael Pan is the CEO and founder of nephosity. He has over 10years working on high performance (distributed, grid, cloud) computing. in a previous life, he has worked at DreamWorks animation, NIH Center for Computational Biology, JPL, and HPLabs.

  • Solr on Cassandra


  • Cloud Experience – from Google to Delta


    Abstract: 最近兩年大家都在談雲端運算,很多人都想靠雲端運算賺錢。到底什麼是雲端運算?很多人說 Google 是雲端運算的先驅,Google 究竟做了什麼?翟本喬和你分享他在Google的經驗,以及未來台達電子在雲端運算發展的方向。

    Bio: 翟本喬博士畢業於紐約大學電腦科學系,2003 年進入 Google 主持伺服器平台之規劃,共設計四代之伺服器以及其他多項硬體,Google 之高效率單電壓電源供應器設計即出自其手,貨櫃型資料中心及內建電池之伺服器亦是由其團隊所設計,2007-2009 在 Google 台北工程中心主持軟體研發計劃, 2009-2010 回到美國 Google 進行資料中心之研發。2010 年 4 月回到台灣加入台達電子,擔任雲端技術中心資深處長,負責有關雲端運算硬體及軟體之整合與開發。

  • Implementation of websocket server program


    Abstract: websocket protocol 是由 w3c 所提出的標準通訊協定,由於 websocket protocol 並非建立在 http 之上,因此我們需要新的 Server 端程式用來與瀏覽器進行溝通,本演講將會展示實作的成果、並探討相關議題。

    Bio: 台大資工所畢業,曾任台大資訊系統訓練班 Java 課程與 Ajax 課程講師,現於資策會擔任專案經理與軟體工程師職務。

  • The NoSQL Movement: CouchDB as an example

    周立瑋 sleepnova

    1. 探討 Database 技術的變遷, 資料格式的演進
    2. SQL database 目前所遇到的問題, 以及為什麼會產生 NoSQL 運動
    3. 藉由分享 CouchDB 的使用經驗, 以 CouchDB 為例, 介紹 Non-relational database 如何跳脫 SQL 的思維幫你解決問題
    4. Non-relational database 真的是 Non-relational 嗎?
    5. Key-value database, document database 跟 graph database 之間的關係
    6. Database 發展的趨勢

    Bio: 擁有數學魂的資訊人,致力於尋找更佳的程式設計典範。嚴重精神潔癖,不能忍受程式碼裡頭有不乾淨的東西。反省資訊人的社會責任,資訊人除了自我感覺良好之外,還能為社會做點什麼?目前身份為資訊浪人,過著周遊列國的日子,四海為家… (Android 呼叫小黃 及 Chrome 小字典 作者)

Art of Coding

  • Debugging Linux Kernel by Ftrace

    高嘉璘 AceLan

    Abstract: Ftrace 是直接由 Linux kernel 支援的除錯工具。不需要特別安插程式碼,就可以在執行時期觀查 kernel 運作的情形。而且在不使用的時候不會影響系統效能。將討論 Ftrace 運作原理及其使用方式。

    Bio: Canonical kernel engineer,曾任 KDE@Taiwan coordinator,及參與 {linux,debian}.org.tw 各項事務

  • 打雜的事情交給 Ant 吧


    Abstract: 1. Ant 功能介紹
    2. 程式開發應用 javac,java,svn
    3. 遠端控制應用 ftp,scp,sshrobot(獨家的喔!)
    4. Ant task DIY !!
    5. 程序員有哪些打雜工作呢?
    6. 為什麼不用 shell script 或是 make?

    Bio: 我是個小小的程序員
    喜歡用 Open Source 的資源來完成自己的工作


  • Doxygen – 文件、程式一家親文件、程式一家親

    李圭峰 Thinker

    Abstract: 是否永遠沒空寫文件? 或者為了文件在熬夜? 其實你不用這麼辛苦,寫完程式的同時,你也可以完成文件。透過工具的輔助,文件可以是 coding 的一部分,讓你快快樂樂的作文件。

    Bio:Thinker 開發了 MadButterfly,ajaxmind,netgraffiti 等專案,您可以在這裡找到他的心得 //heaven.branda.to/~thinker/GinGin_CGI.py

  • OpenOffice.org 的 UNO 魔術—那些 MS Office做不到的事

    楊士青 依瑪貓(imacat)

    Abstract: OpenOffice.org 的API稱為 UNO (Universal Network Object) ,是個跨語言通用的網路 (Network) 物件(Object) 系統。透過 UNO API,開發者可以操控 OpenOffice.org 的 Writer、Calc、Impress…等,做出各式各樣的神奇魔術。

    Bio: 依瑪貓╱楊士青,曾任OpenOffice.org 應用開發工程師,目前擔任昇陽電腦教育訓練中心專任講師,資策會教育訓練中心兼任講師等,並於最近加入 Debian 的 OpenOffice.org 套件團隊。並擅長 Perl/PHP 程式語言與網站系統開發,為資深的 Perl 燒機測試人員,MySQL AB Basic Quality Contributer。

  • ScalaTest-連貓都會的單元測試與 BDD

    許洛豪 Brian Hsu(墳墓)

    ScalaTest 是一套支援多重種測試風格的單元測試框架,提供了程式開發人員以相當直覺的方式撰寫單元測試案例,並且可應用至 Scala 及 Java 程式開發環境中。在這個講題中,我們將示範如何使用 ScalaTest,以 BDD 的方式開發 Java 程式。

    Brian Hsu(墳墓)只是個萌程式、動畫、漫畫、遊戲和輕小說的阿宅。

  • 不用 Framework,一天完成網站的多國語系製作

    宗豪 tsung

    隨著 Facebook、Twitter 等網站的進入, 網站的全球化也越來越重要, 而網站全球化的第一步就是要做多國語系, 此場次就是要說明, 如何快速完成網站的多國語系製作?

    多國語系的製作, 需要花很多時間去想變數名稱? 重複的內容需要花時間確認?
    是否可以把相似的內容, 自動翻譯完成? 需要花多天到數個月的時間來製作?
    網站已經製作完成, 想要用兩個人力, 要如何在一天內為網站加上多國語系?
    為何所有程式語言都要支援 Gettext?

    介紹 使用 Gettext 來快速實做網站的多國語系, 以及 Gettext 相關軟體的使用.

    Tsung 是個於網路業界四處遊走的平凡人


  • HTML5 – More Web for More people

    Charles McCathieNevile

    Abstract: Charles 將探討 HTML5 及其他網際標準的發展,包括標準發展的過程、以及這些標準為網頁開發者乃至於其他應用軟體開發人員所提供的新世界。他也將描述以 HTML 為根基的開放網路技術如何讓各種人、以各種連接網路的設備、平台都能取用,增進應用軟體的使用體驗。

    Bio: Charles McCathieNevile 自 2005 年起於Opera Software擔任首席網路標準長(Chief Standards Officer)。加入Opera 之前,他曾於全球資訊網協會(World Wide Web Consortium,簡稱W3C)工作,參與制定大部份核心的網路標準如HTML、CSS、SVG與其他開放性標準技術等。他現在代表 Opera在W3C的網路應用小組擔任共同主持人,並且是W3C諮詢委員會一員。同時,Charles 在國際上是公認知名的無障礙網頁 (Web Accessibility) 專家,在網際網路方面涉略廣泛,包括網際網路的社會層面、如何幫助開發者更簡易有效地創造網頁內容與應用,適合給所有人、所有裝置上存取。 Charles 是澳洲人,在學時修習西洋中古世紀歷史並取得學位,目前在西班牙與挪威之間兩地工作。

  • Road to GNOME 3

    Brian Cameron

    Abstract: The GNOME project began in 1997 and version 1.0 was released in March,1999. GNOME 2.0 followed in June, 2002. After eight years, GNOME 2.30 has recently been released. The evolutionary time-based release schedule enabled the project to progress in an evolutionary way for years, and the cumulated changes are huge.
    Now the GNOME community is on the cusp of releasing GNOME 3.0. In this talk, we will discuss the work done in GNOME 2.x which led to thenew major release and also the many new technologies that will be introduced in GNOME 3.0.
    New GNOME 3.0 technologies that will be discussed in this talk includeGTK+ 3.0, GNOME Shell, Clutter, Dconf/GSettings, and more.

    Brian Cameron is a free software advocate and has worked for the past 10 years as a senior engineer on the GNOME Desktop at Sun Microsystems and now Oracle. Brian has served on the GNOME Foundation board of directors for the past 2.5 years and is currently acting as secretary. Brian has also been the maintainer of GDM since January, 1995.

  • Qt 應用於 Meego 開源生態系統


    Abstract: Qt框架已經持續16年為致力於多個平臺上開發應用和用戶介面的開發者,提供便利的開發工具和直觀的應用開發介面。Qt已經成為KDE的基礎,以及跨越70多個行業數以萬計的開源和商業應用的基礎。本文將從應用開發者到終端設備製造商等不同角度,介紹Qt將為Meego平臺和其開源生態環境所帶來優勢。

    Bio: 张弛先生现任Nokia, Qt开发框架大中国地区技术经理,负责战略客户以及合作伙伴的技术咨询和业务拓展等工作。并在商业客户,开源社区和大学中积极推广Qt技术。此前,他一直任职于奇趣科技( Qt公司前身 )和摩托罗拉公司,在移动通讯领域有着丰富的知识和经验。 张弛是公认的Qt专家,在许多公开会议中发表演讲。对移动生态系统,包括手机及消费电子,中间件以及第三方应用,有着丰富的经验。


Aug. 14 – 15

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