API Documentation

COSCUP 2012 website provide following read-only JSON-P APIs for your application to access. Since they are provided in JSON-P, they are useful in client-side web applications too — just add the callback parameter. You many also utilize Cross-Origin Resource Sharing if the browser targeted supports it. Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * is added to HTTP header to all URLs.

You may contact timdream@gmail.com if there is any questions regarding APIs.

Navigation menu (menu)

Provide HTMLs of navigation menus of the three languages. Intend to be used internally on sub-domains of coscup.org. Hyper references (href) within do not come with hostnames, they are absolute path that begins with /2012/. The hostname to serve these pages are almost always coscup.org, with ipv6.coscup.org as exception should you would like to test IPv6 connectivity.

Plurks mentioning COSCUP (plurk)

Simply a proxy of http://www.plurk.com/API/PlurkSearch/search?query=COSCUP. See Plurk API 1.0 documentation for detail. The search term is hard-coded and the refresh rate is limited to 10 min. You should access Plurk directly (with your own API key) if you need real-time data.

Program (program)

A ~50KB JSON object that represents all the talks that will be given at COSCUP 2012. Your application should cache the result when possible (Web app may utilize localStorage; see introduction). The talk array may ordered by time but not necessary — your application must be able to accept and process an unsorted list. Also, the placement of a talk on the list could vary as programs being updated — your application must not rely on the placement to identify the session.

List of topics and the rooms in the venue is also included.

Program time is represented in UNIX timestamp (seconds since 0:00 UT Jan 1st, 1970). Breaks can be determined by the property isBreak.

Important: Language and topic types are optional information.

Sponsors (sponsors)

List of COSCUP 2012 sponsors. You must hard-code the order of sponsorship levels. The list of sponsors within each of the sponsorship level is ordered, when shown as whole, the order must be maintained; if only one of the sponsors could be shown, the one to be shown must picked randomly with following weighted factor:

diamond:gold:silver:bronze:media = 10:5:2:1:0

The picking algorithm has been implemented in Javascript for COSCUP 2012 website mobile layout; the source code can be found here in mobileSponsorLogo().

Your application should update the list of sponsors at least once a day.