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COSCUP - Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters

News Release

Session introduction of COSCUP 2013

The main theme of COSCUP 2013 is designated as : Open x [Web, Mobile, Data]

As we know, continuous developments in Android and the booming of new generation open source platforms like Firefox OS, Tizen, Sailfish OS & Ubuntu Touch, indicate that 2013 is a year of open platform & open data. Meanwhile, open data platforms have been gradually rising up to the surface among several countries following the recent US government's acts. All these direct the IT technologies toward a much more open route. Therefore Open Web, Open Mobile and Open data are chosen as our main theme. With the power of open, governments can make better use of public information, enterprises can create different influence via open platform, and the public will have a diversity of retriving information and making choices.


COSCUP is the largest annual FLOSS conference organized by the local communities in Taiwan. The conference includes sessions for users, enthusiastic promoters, software coders or anyone who is interested in cutting-edge FLOSS technologies. Our goal is to create a friendly and informative environment for people from different communities to make friends, to learn new technologies, and to get inspired by each other.

Important Dates

  • Call for proposal: 4 月 1 日 ~ 5 月 3 日
  • Contributor Registration: 4 月 7 日 ~ 5 月 31 日
  • Program announced: 5 月 31 日
  • Registration opens: 6 月 3 日
  • Conference dates: 8 月 3 - 4 日

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