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KKBOX is the leading provider of digital music subscription services in the Asia region, featuring over 10 million music tracks from over 500 major and local music labels and publishers. It also hosts the largest Chinese music library in the world. KKBOX offers unlimited and on-demand music; with a single monthly subscription fee, subscribers can stream music online and cache songs on their PCs and smartphones for offline access. The service is available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, where most of the region's pop-music stars and hit songs are produced and marketed.

The vision of KKBOX is to bring people together around their shared passion for music in a way that is affordable, accessible and enjoyable. It is committed to becoming the leading music platform for bringing people together and closer to their favorite artists and music. The service covers an online music library and a print music magazine, offering a rich collection of editorials, exclusive artist interviews, entertainment news and community features to attract and keep users attached to the service. With its music charts and annual Digital Music Awards, KKBOX has become the most influential benchmark for pop music in the Greater China region.

KKBOX initially launched in Taiwan in 2004, and the expansion to Hong Kong in 2009 has resulted in steadily increasing subscriptions. With this success, in December 2010, Japan’s telecoms giant, KDDI Group, acquired a majority share of KKBOX’s outstanding stocks; in March 2011 KKBOX accepted investment from HTC, the global leader in smartphone innovation and design. With its advanced product technology and strategic equity partnerships, KKBOX is aggressively expanding to Japan and other Asian markets.




Since its establishment on December 30, 1978, the Archilife Research Foundation has offered scholarships to support students in master courses to complete their theses, and implemented different ways to integrate knowledge. After long years of its pioneering stage, Archilife commenced various long-term researches in the areas of architecture, environmental sustainability and development starting from 1987. During the process of researching human inhabitations and sustainable development, Archilife discovered that advancements of information technologies and cyberspace over the past decade had profound impacts on human lifestyles. The sharing and integration of related knowledge, and the education in these fields should be one of Archilife's essential objectives. Therefore, besides scholarships regarding architecture, environmental sustainability, ecology and health care, Archilife offered scholarships for the theses related to information society and culture from 2000 to 2008 as well. On the other hand, information technologies and the Internet brought new possibilities to how people can express their creativities and interact with each other. So, subsequent to recent adjustments of the scholarships and the funding projects, Archilife started with holding a series of sharing and exchanging meet-ups among the domestic independent game developers' community, conveying and communicating the knowledge and experiences learned from certain international game development conferences, in the hope that it would help this community to evolve. About other aspects of knowledge integration, Archilife developed different methods including: a knowledge bank system, index books, and knowledge keepers in various fields. These resources have served as powerful tools in filling in research gaps and refining research findings. Archilife currently holds periodic communions and bookish assemblies to strengthen the knowledge of its members so as to face a heterogeneous and changing future.



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